2 Feb 2015

What is Local SEO 2015 ?

N. K Chandra is Digita Marketing Analyst in Dehradun India,  He is Sr. SEO consultant who provide seo services in dehradun with the 6 year of tremendous experience with Google & other search engines. (Can check my Linkedin Profile) So if you are a business owner & want to boost your online presence with the help of all measures search engines please contact us. We will place your business at the seventh sky of success.

Google recently indicate that more than 80% percent people search services from the mobile in US & 1 in 3 US mobile inquiries are local.

Local seo is an optimization process of local results in the search engine, also called map result in search query of search engine. In the local seo you can find your result in the map from your target keywords or search queries.

What we have to do ?
Local SEO Dehradun

Add your business in the Google map first, it will give you a chance to do your local seo on page and off page, when you will submit your business in Google map you will see a online form which is provide by the Google. Submit your brand and name & services in that fill up the address (the exact location of your business), your contact no, your business email i.d, categories that which services you provide like restaurant, hotel, internet etc. Submit your form to the Google, it will verify your location by sending sms code or postcard then you will put the code in the form and you will be add in Google local maps.

Why Local SEO is Important ?

Local SEO is easily traceable for the crawler by the Google plus page of your business so that it give better result with the contact information of your website or business to the user or searcher's. When the user find the information i.e phone no. address at one click they can easily contact you directly, it is also beneficial for those who know you and your business already but don't know the contact info and address. If a user buy or purchase your services and he or she is happy with that then he can post a review from his g mail i.d so that it will help you to find and increase your new online visitors.

In  map listing there is also On page seo and off page seo factor works. We will provide the whole process for you to optimize your local business listing in Google apple and Bing for your targeted keywords.

4 Aug 2014

Tips for SEO Content in 2014

Here i am sharing with you the best SEO techniques for your content.

1- Write in abundance. What does this mean? Do not hold back and write many words on each item ... From 300 would be a short / normal article, and a 500 would be normal and from there, the more the better ... I think this point is the on-factor most important page, so my recommendation is to write five articles a week 700 words, better than 10 a week to 300 words.

2- Write a diary. And if not daily it very often. Now would be a hoot, write an article every day more than 500 words (many bloggers do) and for this we need a lot of motivation. My recommendation is 3-4 articles per week at least 7 items a week and ideally would be perfect (although always tries quality writing, though less items, 2 items good better than 4 bad).

3- Write to people. This is a mistake (and sometimes commit) many bloggers, is that fit all your items to google robots forgetting that they will be read by your readers, which are only going to find trash and are going to go . Do not forget that your audience is more important than the google robots, the audience is going to give money, not robots.

4- Add images and videos to your articles. Besides being good for seo, improve the reader's experience and always bring something good (besides aesthetics). Remember to add alt attributes to your images and videos with your keyword.

5- Good keyword densities. No abuse, but understatement. I always recommend to include two or three times at the beginning and in between the article and once at the end of this, so it is well divided.

Constancy, constancy and perseverance and gradually will be seeing the results. That's all for today on tips for seo content, I hope you liked it...!!!

1 Feb 2013

Best SEO Strategies for 2013

Here i am sharing with you the best SEO techniques and strategies for 2013.

You now know, SEO is a long process. The more you do and your competitors do and you must do! But it is important to make a point at the beginning of each year to analyze what has been done, what has been effective (and what has been less) and what you should consider for the year starts.

Have an edge over your competitors is a rule that applies to SEO (also marketing in general). You must enjoy the beginning of the year to establish a  SEO strategy that should be applied to the letter, knowing you adapt to changing search engines and competition.
To establish a SEO strategy different from that of the previous year (it should), the settings that have changed are required. This is the subject of this post. The parameters to consider in your SEO strategy in 2013

Three parties are taken into consideration in your reflection:

: Search engines (Google not to say)
: Visitors
: Your competitors

These three parts are strongly related. And you will realize that one of the parties change impacts all others.

Google Trends

2012 was full of updates to Google's algorithm. If, in theory, nothing has changed from 2011 (the recommendations are the same), in practice everything was messed up!
changes most telling are those related to net-linking and editorial content. For the first (net-linking), it is now (highly) recommended to work on the quantitative aspect. Some quality links will bring you more results that many "bad" links. In sum, a Net-Linking own ! Of course, the ideal is to have both: quality links in large numbers. Then consider a significant investment.

Regarding the editorial content , and content in general. We'll have to make efforts lest your site devalued by Google. It should neglect any part of the site. Whenever you create web pages, ask yourself the question: do I have enough content to this page? Furthermore, the new module called Google Knowledge Graph enhanced search results involving certain types of research similar terms. A semantic web which increases the interest of rich content and useful to the user.

The behavior of Internet

Customers have evolved in their use of search engines. If key phrases in 1 or 2 words were once the majority ("travel agency", "photographer Paris", "clothing woman ..."), there are now more precise searches that users perform. This has the effect of lengthening the expressions ("Cheap travel agency", "professional wedding photographer in Paris," "little black dress with red bow ..."). In fact, there are now a variety of phrases used much larger and whose conversion rate is much higher.

I believe that this is a key point that any SEO manager must keep head. And if you are responsible for a website, I highly recommend a short list of keywords that you want to appear. Instead, consider your business as a whole and think about all the people you can target having a wide SEO strategy and relevant .

Consider how the competition?

We have seen that the Internet using search terms increasingly lengthy and complex.This should have a direct impact on your way of looking at competition. Indeed, in the case where users would use the same expression, short, to do their research (digital camera), all sellers of photographic equipment must be present on this application (all will not). In our case, where users use longer expressions and precise (digital SLR camera, Nikon camera one ...), competitors must consider a much wider presence, which takes into account their entire catalog. In fact, there is room for more vendors, provided considering the competition this way.

Take into account the competition in the content of your website. Ask yourself if you offer more information, if your images are better.

My 2013 SEO Strategy

In view of the points raised in this article, I would consider, in addition to a study of syntax (commonly known as "keyword research"), a semantic study , which would include my theme in the broadest sense. The purpose of this work is to strengthen my theme on the one hand, and allow Google to link my content to other content (on-site and off-site).
Side net-linking, I would increase the number of pages Linked (not just the number of links) while giving more importance to each link obtained. This does not mean that only "good" links interest me, because in this case it would not be natural, but I will try to control the rate of "good" and "worse."
Needless to say, need to sort through the directories and press release sites. A tsunami has been there, he left many people!
Finally, I would keep in mind that a web copywriter me will always be of great help, and I need to upload my own images, videos if possible.

and In the End ....Namastey !!!

6 Feb 2012

Five predection of S.E.O in 2012

 1 - The speed of loading pages will become THE standard to monitor

We talk for a long time and yet old habits die hard. The page load time will become one of the first efforts to provide for any webmaster. On the agenda: regime scripts, use the cache wisely and discovery CSS sprites. This rule will be more guarded for mobile sites that will receive a bonus on dedicated search engines. However, difficult application to a need for speed when loading of social sharing buttons are the weakest sites ...

2 - An extreme personalization of SERPS
Among the entire list of predictions, it is one I wish the least. Who says results customization said data recording in one way or another. Among these ways, self-connection and the connection memory could make the famous "not provided" is booming, result: no more stats, the only information will be kept by Google and issued in dribs and drabs. In addition to this, saying "I want to be first on this keyword on Google" would be unnecessary since there will be several first places by users.
Continuing in this theme (which is far too long for this article), one can imagine the evolution of the profession in the SEO to profile, capable of detecting specific Personnas to provide content and dedicated sites.
Only upside to all this: an increase in conversion rates for the largest that have the means to set up sites sprawling for cover as many people.

3 - The rise of social
Rumors are there: each social signal (whatever) is a signal used by Google. Matt Cutts warns, they are not all equal. This would mean that Google information about each of us, like a private Klout able to tell if you love shoes or champagne (or champagne in a shoe, you're weird, Google will know).
I'll spare you my theories on smoking data acquisition by Google, but in any case I am almost on the long term the strongest signals are: Twitter, Facebook and then Google +. Why this order? Simply data availability and ease of treatment, even if your name is Google, it does not mean you have access to all global data, in addition to its main competitor ...
And remember, your shares are located (see prediction 2) ...

4 - A set of tools for developing mobile versions
As pointed out earlier, the speed will be a core problem of referencing. With the development of mobile platforms, websites are advised to purify their sites and offer full or mobile version compatible mobile. Google's interest to provide access to resources, tools and popularize the creation of mobile tools for developing its Adwords service for mobile and its Android system and its chromebooks.
I will not make a paragraph on the M-commerce (or rather T-commerce as it will be rather on shelf) but again, we can expect very specific tools to create and follow this technological advance.

5 - The rise of Google +
Here is a prediction that goes into making cringe, I hear laughter from Andorra even as I write this. However, I have always been on that Google + happen to break even if the result is mixed for the moment (very large number of users but very low commitment) Google is really quite forward to advance the network and respond to lower user demand even if it means three months ahead of their schedule.
The insertion of the circles used heavily in products (gmail) and the appearance of pages in the SERPs company will strongly encourage responsible web / marketing / seo and above all the principals to want the same thing as their competitor. The real rise will be in the delivery of an API that is not read only, which puts out a long time. Once online, it will be possible to mount a real small showcase site with Google +.